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  6 Ways To Help Save During The Holidays

Posted by: admin @ 10:35 am

Everybody loves the Holiday season. It’’s fun, exciting, festive and best of all, you have an excuse to go shopping! There’s an endless amount of stores to visit and many choices to make. It’s all a bliss. Everybody wants to know that they got the perfect gift at the best price. It’s very easy to get caught up in the shopping and just spend away. Here are some things you should keep in mind to help budget your spending.

  1. Pay With Cash: It may sound old fashioned but it’s the safest way. A good idea would be to go to the bank and take out money in $100 bills, this way you’ll think hard before you break it. Another suggestion would be to use a debit card because once your account is depleted, you’re done shopping.
  2. 6 Ways To Help Save During The HolidaysKnow Your Enemy: If you do pay with credit card make sure to use the one with the best terms. Many people carry around five credit cards and have no clue what the interest rate is on them. Many people are unaware that they have cards that require you to pay 30% extra if you pay late.
  3. Keep Track Of Your Credit Card Spending: Keep all your receipts and as soon as you get home from your day of shopping make sure to subtract it from  your checking account. Not only does it help you keep track of what you spent, it also ensures that you will have the money in the bank when that bill comes.
  4. Try To Get The Easy Gifts Out Of The Way: A smart idea would be to put aside money for all the cash gifts, like to the mailman, garbage collector, gardener etc. This way it’s not coming out of the holiday month’s budget.
  5. Make A List: It sounds simple, but this will help keep you focused.
  6. Be Creative: The best gifts don’t have to cost too much money. Try to come up with original ideas like putting together an album or scrapbook. Another idea would be to try to combine presents by giving one present to the whole family. Buy a basket of dvd’s with popcorn, or a gift certificate to a restaurant.

Happy Holidays!!

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8 Responses to “6 Ways To Help Save During The Holidays”

  1. Anne says:

    For shopping, I never use credit card but surely I bring both CASH and DEBIT CARD. I have done my first shopping on the first week of December and maybe I will do another shopping next weekend.

  2. Kayleen Dando says:

    Good job!!

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