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  Dealing with Colic

Posted by: admin @ 10:24 pm

Colic doesn’t have a definition. There’s no explanation for it. Sure, people will say it’s reflux, gas, stress, tummy aches, and hunger, but none of those should cause crying for hours on end without consoling. Colicky babies actually don’t cry more often than non-colicky babies. They just cry for longer and are harder to console.

Babies communicate through crying. They let you know they’re wet, hungry, tired, cold, or hot by fussing. Crying doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in pain. Babies that cry often but are easily consoled are not labeled colicky. Babies that can’t be calmed down to an extreme extend can be called colicky.

Dealing with Colic

The best way to deal with colic is to prevent it. How can you prevent it? Respond to your baby’s needs immediately. As soon as she starts fidgeting, be ready with a bottle and clean diaper. Don’t let her get to the point of screaming. You can also rock her, nurse her, give a pacifier, and sing to her. Holding her will lessen the chances of her crying. Babies that are tightly swaddled feel more secure and may calm down. You can try to place her on her stomach, or rock her with her stomach against you, because if she has a stomach ache it’ll feel good.

The good news is, colic usually doesn’t last past the third month. Once your baby turns four months, her crying will usually mean she wants something. It’s a stressful three months, but it will be over soon.

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One Response to “Dealing with Colic”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Colic can be caused by a stomach ache or gas.

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