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  Getting Children To Listen

Posted by: admin @ 9:40 am

LISTENING:Have you ever wondered what it takes to get preschool children to listen? The secret is routine, positive encouragement, and fun.

  • When it comes to listening the first thing you have to do is grab their attention. Some people find that turning the light on and off does the job. You can also ring a bell or clap your hands, you can do anything……. but never yell.
  • Get down on the floor to meet your child’s level and make eye contact with her. Ask her to look into your eyes so that she can understand what you’re saying.
  • If she is still ignoring you, gently tilt her head towards you and tell her calmly “I need you to listen to me now”.
  • After you gave her all the instructions, ask her to repeat it back to you so that you can make sure she really understood.

getting our children to listen
SHARING: Many people find that their preschool children have a hard time sharing.

  • The best way to teach them how to share is to let them come up with their own solution. If you need your child to give a turn to someone else ask them how much longer do you think you’re going to be using that toy for? Do you think you can play ball instead for a little?
  • Other people have found that using a timer shows the child how much longer they have and there’s no arguing when the time is up.

CLEANING UP: In school, your children are taught very well how to clean up. Preschoolers learn in school that after playtime their toys have to go away, so do the same at home.

  • Teach them, that before we start dinner, we must clean up.  Giving a five minutes warning helps children make the mental transition from playtime to clean up.
  • If you have a full room of toys and the task is overwhelming, only focus on a few of the toys. Some kids have a hard time understanding what you mean when you say clean up time.
  • A good idea is to say “watch how I’m cleaning this up, can you help me”?
  • Stay calm and slowly they will learn the routine.
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