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  Giving Baby Slings A Try

Posted by: admin @ 10:19 am

Recently there have been a few recalls on baby slings causing parents to be a little nervous about them. There is no reason to be worried. The baby carriers that were recalled were unsafe. Most baby slings do not fit that profile and are completely safe. When they are used properly, baby slings are a great alternative to holding your baby or even to strollers. Here are some reasons why you should think about using baby slings.

  • Research shows that the more a mother carried their baby in a sling the less they cried. There’s a very simple reason for it too. A mom’s walk reminds the baby of the good old days in the womb, which is why babies always seem satisfied when you rock them and hold them close.
  • Giving Baby Slings A Try

  • Studies show that babies who were low weight at birth and are put in a sling grow faster. Carried babies usually cry less so many professionals think that they use that energy instead of crying to grow. When doctors see babies that are slow to grow some prescribe the mothers to wear their babies at least three hours a day.
  • Many moms and dads find that this baby sling brings them closer to their baby. Wearing this sling also becomes addictive. Once you put it on it’s hard to take it off. Anyone who wants to get closer to the baby and form a bond should try wearing the sling.
  • Many doctors find that babies that are carried in a sling spend a lot of time being truly content and they are best able to interact with the environment. Why? Because babies who are worn in a sling are completely a part of the wearer. What the person wearing it says, the baby hears and what the wearer sees and does the baby sees too.
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