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  Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted by: admin @ 11:48 am

With Halloween barely a month away, it’s time to start planning! While some expectant moms may feel self conscious and don’t want to dress up, those who have other kids at home or a party may not have a choice. Here are some great ways to be creative and save on costumes for yourself (do they even make maternity costumes??)

1. Raid your husband’s closet for old shirts, pants, and undershirts. You can cut them up and add accessories to match the rest of your family.

2. We found a really cute idea here, called Jack-O-Tummy. The mom in this picture cut out a hole in her shirt by her stomach and covered it with an actual pumpkin!
Alyson's Pregnancy Diary

3. Here’s a great list of ideas for costumes, costumes couple, and more. Unfortunately, instructions for how to create these costumes are not included, but it’s a good launching point. Some of the costumes have links to actual costumes, so you can view the costume and create it yourself. Many of them are basic designs that you can create yourself.

4. Another site where moms discuss their costumes and how they pulled it off. Some posted pictures that you can view.

5. We found a list of homemade costume ideas, with instructions on how to create them. Some of these are really creative!

Once you have your Halloween costumes, accessories will make them look great! Have a creative costume idea? We welcome all comments and messages! Feel free to post pictures, too!

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2 Responses to “Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. Robert Boushcer says:

    Lots of good ideas here! There is a retail chain in New York called Ricky’s NYC that has a ton of fun costume ideas, including some you discussed here. You can check it out online at or .

  2. Odis Vollucci says:

    I loved this blog. Read it all last night! Thanks!

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