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  How To Make Your Visit To The Doctor Easier!!

Posted by: admin @ 2:32 pm

As a mother you probably have several questions to ask the doctor but you’re embarrassed. Does he mind that you take up so much of his time? Will he be insulted if you switch to his partner? When’s the best time to go to the doctor? Here are some tips that will help guide you when taking your child to the doctor.

1. If you’re choosing a day for a well visit for your child do not pick Monday. On Mondays the place is always flying because it’s backed up from over the weekend. So when should you book an appointment? The best time is Tuesday through Friday in the morning or after lunch when the staff is still friendly and alert.How To Make Your Visit To The Doctor Easier!!

2. Because the doctor’s office is always backed up you may be afraid that when it’s finally your turn your doctor won’t give you all the time that you need. So if you’re nervous that your child needs something more than antibiotics book a longer appointment. Doctors often get frustrated when you ask them a big question at the end of a regular visit. So if you know ahead of time plan accordingly.

3. It’s proven that the nicer you are to the staff that works at the office the more help you will get. So when you’re stuck in the doctor’s office and you’re really frustrated do your best to stay calm. Try to compliment the staff there because the next time when you need to be squeezed in for an appointment you want them to remember you.

4. What happens if you always used Dr. A and one time you need him and he’s not available so you use Dr. B but then you find you like Dr. B much better? Chances are, your first doctor won’t even notice, but if he does, he probably will not think into it. Doctors want the best for their patients so of course they want them to use whomever they feel most comfortable with.

5. The thing that bothers your doctor most is your cell phone. So before you walk into the room make sure to turn it off. Doctors find the cell phone a waste of time and very distracting.

6. You hear you’re getting free samples and you jump for joy, but just like everything else, it may be too good to be true. The first couple of rounds may be free but when you fill the prescription you will probably pay more for that drug than you would be paying for a generic. Besides for this, sample drugs can have some side effects so be careful.

7. Your doctor probably has no clue how much you pay for different drugs. So when you go to the pharmacy to pick up a drug and your bill is really high, call your doctor and ask him to find you a generic or something cheaper.

Going to the doctor with your child is really not a fun trip. Try to make the most out of your visits and hope that everybody stays healthy.

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