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  Not So Silent Sleepers

Posted by: admin @ 6:02 pm

Sometimes moms are not sure if their child is sleeping or putting on some sort of show. Many children in their sleep kick, twitch, moan, rock, or groan, etc.
Not So Silent Sleepers

Why This Occurs: Young children are much lighter sleepers than adults and therefore wake up more frequently. For the brief few seconds or minutes that your child woke up, she may kick, yell out for you, or talk gibberish but it will not last long.

How They Get Back To Themselves: Most children realize right away what happened and they just sooth themselves right back to sleep. Some have other methods, like lifting their legs in the air, hum, or they rub their pacifier and blanket all over their face.

What To Do: If your child is not crying out in hunger or discomfort, give her a few minutes to let it pass. If you go in to try to help her you might wake her up entirely.

When Should I Talk To The Doctor: It is very common for children to bang their head and then go back to sleep. A good idea would be to check this out to rule out an ear infection and some development delays (some kids bang their head to correct their equilibrium). Children snoring is not normal and can be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleepwalking is not so common but can be dangerous.

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