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  Pacifier: Good Or Bad?

Posted by: admin @ 3:30 pm

Pacifier: Good Or Bad?Just like with everything else in life, there are pros and cons to giving your baby a pacifier. Your job as the mother is to determine if it’s good or bad.

The Good: A pacifier provides comfort for your baby or toddler, and satisfies them. It also serves as a distraction while you’re preparing a bottle. Most of all, giving babies under 1 a pacifier as they fall asleep is highly recommended as a way to decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

The Bad: Many times a pacifier can interfere with breastfeeding. The reason for this is that pacifiers can cause nipple confusion. The type of sucking needed for breastfeeding is different from the sucking of a pacifier. Babies may be tempted to suck the wrong way when nursing. Another point is that once a baby gets used to it, it is very hard to get rid of it.

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The Bottom Line: You as the mother have to weigh both sides. If the pros outweigh the cons then use it, but make sure to get rid of it by your baby’s first birthday. If you use it for too long it can lead to teeth misalignment and can slow down a child that’s starting to talk. It’s hard to talk with a plug in your mouth.

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19 Responses to “Pacifier: Good Or Bad?”

  1. shana says:

    I am for the pacifier, I wouldnt be able to live with out it

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m also pro-pacifier. The best reason for using one is that it prevents chronic thumb-sucking!!! It’s a lot easier to throw out a pacifier after 1-2 years than it is to get a baby to stop sucking its thumb or other fingers. The worst is seeing an 8 year old kid sucking fingers…ewww!

  3. Abigail Joy says:

    One of the pros is that you can take the pacifier away. Lots of kids will suck on their fingers otherwise.

  4. becky says:

    Definitely also pro-pacifier as well, and I breastfed 3 kids exclusively until at least 10 months old. I never felt it interfered with their nursing ability, though I did generally wait until about 1 month old to really introduce pacifier. Also agree that it can prevent thumb-sucking, which is a MUCH harder habit to break!

  5. Adina says:

    The main reason I love the paci is that it signals to the child, “Now it’s time to sleep.” (I only give them while sleeping…)

  6. Ruth says:

    I have used pacis with all of my kids. Although on of my sons stopped using it on his own when he was about 6 months old.

  7. DG says:

    generally when a kid is old enough to understand, you can just tell them that they’re too big for a pacifier. They might cry for a few days, but usually after that they’re fine.

  8. AA says:

    Pro- pacifier. Finger sucking is so much harder to stop.

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