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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 13

Posted by: Alyson @ 8:51 pm

Baby starts a rapid growth spurt at the beginning of the second trimester. Organs and tissues start to develop fully, and pretty soon your baby will be fully formed. At this point, your baby is 3 inches long head to toe and weighs approximately half an ounce. She’ll begin responding to stimuli even though you cannot feel it yet. Some women begin to experience a cramping/pulling sensation at the bottom of the uterus. This is just part of the normal stretching of the uterus and is perfectly normal.

As the second trimester is beginning, you may be itching to Alyson's Pregnancy Diarybuy some maternity clothes to show off (and accentuate!) that cute bump. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying maternity clothes:

1. Your size will generally stay the same as you were pre-pregnancy. Meaning, if you are normally a size small, chances are you will be a size small maternity.
2. Try to get pants and skirts with a paneled waist as opposed to an elastic waist or button waist. Panels are more comfortable and can be worn above or under the stomach. An elastic waist will show through your clothes if you wear it on your stomach and a button waist will dig into you as your baby grows.
3. Don’t buy clothes that perfectly. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you outgrow them. It’s okay for clothes to be big in the beginning. Baggy clothes are even in-style!
4. If you are expecting twins, shop one size up from your regular size.
5. Remember to stick to comfortable fabrics – cottons, cashmere, jersey. The last thing you need when you’re uncomfortable is that itchy angora sweater.
6. Darker colors will make you look slimmer.
7. Before taking the tags off your new clothes, make sure to try it on again. What fit nicely a week ago might not look so great now.
8. Buy basics that you can mix ‘n match. That way you will feel as if you’re wearing something new every day!

Stay on the lookout for our post on how to save money when buying maternity clothes. In the meantime, stick with classy and simple clothes – you can’t go wrong that way.

In response to the question, “My doctor told me to avoid sleeping on my back. Why, and what are the effects?” – Jenny S. from South Dakota

During a normal pregnancy, there should not be any negative effects of sleeping on your back. However, if you have complications, sleeping on your back can cause the blood flow to your baby to decrease, so it’s best to sleep on your left side. If you don’t have complications, but you sleep on your back, you may wake up dizzy and have low blood pressure. In general, it’s best to sleep on your left side.

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