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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 17

Posted by: Alyson @ 9:18 pm

You should be feeling your baby kick this week, although it won’t feel like a kick. It will feel more like a fluttering, but as each week passes, you’ll feel it more often and stronger. Your baby is 5 inches long and weighs about 6 ounces. Most of the systems are in place and functioning, Alyson's Pregnancy Diarythough there’s still a lot of growing to do.

You may find that you have a constant head cold and stuffed nose. That’s normal during pregnancy, and unfortunately, it can last a whole pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to relieve the symptoms. A steamy shower, soup or hot cup of tea should do the trick temporarily.

If you find that you’re gaining too much weight, don’t worry. Most of the weight you gain will disappear within 4-6 weeks of birth. As long as you’re eating healthy and not eating junk for 9 months, you should be able to lose the weight fairly quickly. Try to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day, but take the time to eat a healthy breakfast. If you start your day on a full stomach, chances are you’ll be less hungry and you’ll also have more energy. If you are having a hard time gaining weight, whether due to nausea or aversion to food, don’t worry too much. Your baby is getting the nutrients she needs from the little food you are eating. Instead of eating crackers and pretzels all day, though, there are other fat-rich foods that you may be able to stomach, such as ice cream (calcium), peanut butter (protein), dried fruits (vitamin C), avocado and nuts.

In response to the question, “What do I need to know about Preeclampsia?” – Lauren T. from California

Preeclampsia is protein in urine and high blood pressure that usually develops after week 20. The symptoms are hand and feet swelling, weight gain, headaches, nausea, abdominal pain and sudden weight gain. You are at higher risk if you have a family history, if you are obese, if you have diabetes, blood clotting disorder or kidney disease, if you are older than 35, and if you are carrying multiples. The only cure for Preeclampsia is to end the pregnancy. If you are still early, your doctor may put you on bed rest and monitor you very closely until your baby can be delivered. There are certain medications that can help lower your blood pressure.

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