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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 21

Posted by: Alyson @ 10:30 pm

This week, your baby weighs close to a pound! She’s about 7 inches long and you should feel her kicking multiple times a day. They will not feel like the strong kicks you will be feeling later on, but they are more distinct than the fluttering you felt a few ago. Most of the time, they are just hiccups. Baby’s taste buds are developed and she’s drinking Alyson's Pregnancy Diaryplenty of amniotic fluid to help her grow. She can also hear all sounds of goings-on inside and outside your body, so you may want to read, sing or talk to her so she can get to know your voice and associate it with comfort once she’s born.

If you haven’t gone shopping yet for maternity clothes, now is the time. You will find your belly starting to grow at a rapid rate and you don’t want to be stuck with nothing to wear! Here are some tips on how to save money on maternity clothes:
1. Look for bargains – they’re not hard to find. Check through coupon sites and shop during sales (Black Friday, Christmas & New Year’s time, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, July 4th, etc). Most sites and stores have big sales on holidays, so if you need maternity clothes right around then, be sure to shop.
2. Stay from very heavy sweaters or really thin tees. You want clothes that you can wear any day all season long. Once you start getting these items, you’ll find that you’ll need more of a variety for the in-between days.
3. Try to buy clothes off season. If you’re not ready to put on maternity clothes, but the season is changing, you may be able to find some really good deals.
4. Look through magazines at your doctor’s office – many of them feature great coupons for maternity clothes stores or sites.
5. Buy classics so you can wear them after you have a baby and your next pregnancy.
6. Buy clothes that are a bit looser so you can save yourself from buying two sets of maternity clothes.
7. Shop through cashback sites so you can get money back on all purchases. You’ll be surprised at how much money you save!

Stay tuned for our resources page featuring the best coupon sites for maternity clothes!

In response to the question, “Can I have any alcohol during pregnancy?” – Mary Ann H. from Nevada

No. Some doctor’s may say that one glass of wine a day is okay, but most recommend that you stay away from it. There aren’t any studies that prove the exact amount of alcohol that can harm your baby so it’s advised to stay from it. Plus, one drink can lead to another and you don’t want to put yourself in the lion’s den. It’s best to stay away from it completely. You can drink a toast to your new baby as soon as she’s born!

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