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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 24

Posted by: Alyson @ 10:08 pm

At 24 weeks your baby is almost completely formed, and she is beginning to deposit fat on her body. Newborns have a difficult time regulating their body temperature, and the fat helps them to retain heat. She is growing steadily and is a miniature version of what she will look like when she is born! Her face is complete now with her features developed and in the right places. Hair is growing on her head and her eyelashes are well formed.

Alyson's Pregnancy Diary

Somewhere between 24-28 weeks you may be given your glucose screening test. The glucose screening is an important prenatal test. It checks for gestational diabetes which is a type of diabetes that sometimes occurs during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is temporary and approximately 2-5% of expectant women develop this type of diabetes. Gestational diabetes can cause your baby to be born with low blood sugar and may also increase your chances of needing a c-section as it can lead to a very large baby.

In response to the question, “I feel like I have a constant backache. Any suggestions how to get rid of it? ” – Denise Z. from Arizona

Many expectant moms complain of back pain in the second and third trimesters. Your ligaments, which are relaxing more to allow for easy passage of the baby through the pelvis  are looser all over, putting more strain on your spine. Your abdominal muscles force you to rely more on your back to support your weight.

Having said that, here are some tips to avoiding and treating backache:

Avoid awkward reaches, such as getting a heavy box down from a high shelf.

Sleep on your side.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Standing under a hot shower should relieve the pain.

And remember rest will always do the trick!

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One Response to “Pregnancy Diary – Week 24”

  1. Pregnancy Questions says:

    This post just gave me an idea. I now think that a pregnancy diary is pretty important. I will start one as soon as possible.

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