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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 29

Posted by: Alyson @ 4:34 pm

At around 29 weeks your baby’s lungs and muscles are continuing to mature. She weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is a little bit taller than 15 inches. Her sensory organs are very well developed and she is starting to regulate her own body temperature. The bone marrow is now completely in charge of producing all the red blood cells. Your baby is urinating around half a liter of urine directly into the amniotic fluid daily.

Because your baby has many nutritional needs, you will need protein, folic acid, iron and vitamin C. Your baby is soaking up a lot of calcium so make sure to drink milk or any other good source of calcium.

Alyson's Pregnancy Diary

Your baby is going to continue to be real active now. At this point your doctor may teach you how to count the baby’s kicks and may even tell you to keep track of them. The heartburn and constipation that you previously experienced may get even stronger now. Progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, relaxes muscle tissue in your body including the gastrointestinal tract. This together with the abdomen being crowded causes slower digestion which can cause gas, heartburn and constipation.

The swollen blood vessels in the rectal area are very common during pregnancy. The good news is that they usually clear up shortly after you give birth. If you find them painful or itchy try taking a bath, and avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Some women may find that when they lay flat on their back they feel lightheaded and dizzy. This is called supine hypotensive syndrome. The reason for this is because there’s a change in heart rate and blood pressure which causes these symptoms. To avoid this dizziness it is better to lay on your side than on your back. When getting up, first sit up slowly then stand.

In response to the question, “Should I hire a birth doula?” – Gaby O. from Ohio

A doula helps you before and after labor by answering all your questions and helps prepare you for having a baby. She is with you during the entire labor and is constantly giving you better positions to ease the labor pains. She also helps you breathe better, she massages you and answers all your questions during the labor. Many women are just reassured knowing they will have someone at their side. It’s really up to each person but it’s great having someone who has so much patience and knows everything that’s going on.

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