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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 40

Posted by: admin @ 10:26 am

Obviously there can not be an exact height and weight for all newborns, but they weigh an average of 7 1/2 pounds and measure about 20 inches long. The bones in their skulls are not yet fused together so it allows the bones to overlap if it gets tight when going through the birth canal. Some newborns are born with a little bit of a cone-headed shape because of this molding. It is perfectly normal and only very temporary.

Alyson's Pregnancy DiaryIt can be very frustrating if after all nine months of waiting and finally your due date comes around and you still haven’t given birth. This is very common because you may not really be as late as you think. Usually when figuring out a due date it’s calculated by the last time you got your period but sometimes you may ovulate later than expected.

There are still a few more weeks till you’re considered post term but your doctor is going to keep an eye on you to make sure your baby is still thriving.

At this point you may have a biophysical profile. (BPP) This is an ultrasound to look at your baby’s overall movements, her breathing, her muscle tone, and to see how much amniotic fluid is surrounding her. This is important because it tells you how well the placenta is supporting your baby. Fetal heart rate will also be monitored either as part of the BPP or as a separate test. If there are any problems, such as a low amniotic fluid level, or the fetal testing isn’t good you’ll be induced or have an emergency c section. If you don’t go into labor before 41 to 42 weeks, most doctors will induce you by then.

In response to the question, “What does it mean to be induced?” – Amy P. from Iowa

In some cases when labor does not begin by itself a doctor may chose to induce labor. This means that he will use certain medications or techniques to help start the contractions. Your doctor will decide if it’s safer to induce the labor or to wait it out. Most doctors will induce labor if it’s between one and two weeks after your due date. The reason for this is because the placenta that provided nutrients to your baby may become less effective after 42 weeks.

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Enjoy your baby!!

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