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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 5

Posted by: Alyson @ 8:10 pm

I woke up a little queasy this morning, but nothing too major. I’m savoring my last few days before the nausea kicks in full force. I ate everything in sight, including the two chocolate bars that have been eying me the past few weeks. I doubt it’s cravings yet, but it’s a good excuse.

I spent all morning at work reading up on week 5 of pregnancy, eager to find out everything that my embryo and I are going through. Here’s what I came up with. Within the next few days/weeks, I am expected to feel bloated and nauseous. My baby, meanwhile, is developing her first organs. This week, her heart will develop, and will be the first organ to start functioning! Her spinal cord brain are starting to develop, too, in this crucial week. The placenta is Alyson's Pregnancy Diary already functioning, as well as the umbilical cord.

Although I already had my first prenatal visit, it was just to confirm my pregnancy and list the do’s and dont’s. You can schedule a visit between 6-10 weeks. Here’s what to expect on your first prenatal visit:

1. Urine test – at every prenatal visit, you will be required to leave a urine sample to check your hCG level (the pregnancy hormone) and to check the levels of protein and sugar.

2 – Blood test – your doctor will draw blood to perform a couple of tests to ensure that you are healthy. He will check to make sure you are immune to chicken pox and German Measles (rubella), both of which are highly dangerous during pregnancy, your Rh status to check whether you are positive or negative, and rule out anemia, thyroid problems, and hepatitis.

3- Pap smear – if you are not up-to-date with a yearly checkup, your doctor will perform a Pap smear (scrape off a small sample of cells from the cervix to check for cancerous cells).

4- STD’s – your doctor will take blood tests and a swab of the vagina and cervix to check for STD’s. If left untreated, STD’s can cause complications and/or birth defects.

5- Ultrasound – some doctors will perform an ultrasound the first visit to determine the size of the baby, check the heartbeat, and to make sure everything is growing properly.

Exciting times are ahead! Remember to eat healthy and take care of yourself and your baby.

Any comments, questions or contributions? I’d love to hear from you! Click here to contact me directly.

‘Til next time,


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