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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 7

Posted by: Alyson @ 12:23 am

Jerry surprised me and took me out last night. We went to this really nice restaurant on the water with a stunning view of the beach at sunset. Although I couldn’t eat any real food, Jerry got me a hot double mint chocolate chip cookie with an extra-large dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of it. I finished most of it, but knew I would pay for it later. We came home and went straight to bed, preparing for our 8:30 AM appointment at the OB-GYN.

I woke up early the next morning and hurried to get ready for my appointment. When I arrived, the nurse took my blood pressure and weight, and asked if I had any questions. My doctor came in shortly afterwards and started taking blood for the various tests performed during the first prenatal visit. He performed a Pap smear and a vaginal swab to check for cervical cancer and other diseases. He also put pressure on my belly to feel if the baby was growing properly. Then came the fun part…the sonogram!
Alyson's Pregnancy Diary
My baby looked like a kidney bean, to be honest, but my doctor knew all the body parts that were starting to develop. At certain positions, I was able to see the most beautiful sight in the world – my baby’s heartbeat. It looked like a tiny pulsing dot, but it was beautiful. Everything looked perfect, and I got a more accurate due date of May 20th.

The doctor sat down with me and told me what was going on with my baby this week. The hands and feet are continuing their slow formation, and soon the fingers and toes will begin to take shape. The embryo will be doubling in size this week, becoming the size of a small tomato. My doctor then gave me some advice to control my nausea – eat small, frequent meals throughout the day, drink ginger ale and ginger tea, stay away from caffeine, drink plenty, and sit upright after eating to help the food go and stay down.

Hope this information helps you keep the nausea away!

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