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  Pregnancy Diary – Week 9

Posted by: Alyson @ 8:49 pm

I woke up so hungry this morning, I finished off a pint of ice cream and two chocolate bars (I know it’s not the healthiest breakfast but I can’t stomach anything else). At least my body is getting some nourishment considering the nausea. The truth is, I should only be adding on approximately 300 calories extra each day. “Eating for two” does not mean literally eating fully for two people. Besides making it harder to lose the weight post-baby, you need to get enough iron, calcium and other nutrients to ensure that your baby grows properly. During the next week or two, your baby will reach a big milestone – she will officially grow from the term “embryo” to “fetus”. She is about an inch long and growing every day! Her basic structure is complete so now each precious part Alyson's Pregnancy Diary of her body can develop individually. The hands are growing and other body parts, such as the ears, eyelids and genitals and beginning to form. The eyelids, after forming, will stay closed until about 28 weeks. The placenta, which passes nutrients on to the baby, is ready to nourish your baby for the remainder of your pregnancy. Your uterus is about the size of a large grapefruit by now. If you’re managing to eat normally, you may see that you’ve put on weight.

Most OB-GYN’s will give a list of medications that are okay to take during pregnancy. Medications such as Tylenol and Pepto Bismol are okay. Stay away from Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Sudafed and Asprin. Either way, you should check with your doctor before taking any medications. Talk to your doctor about getting the flu shot, too. With swine flu still going around, you should protect yourself. It’s important to get the vaccine for seasonal flu, too. You should encourage your partner and anyone else you may be around to get vaccinated. Besides the unpleasantness of the flu, it can be dangerous for pregnant women. It will also take 3-6 weeks to kick in so hurry to get it before the season begins. Of course, you should discuss the pros and cons of the flu shot with your doctor.

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Stay healthy,

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