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  Routines That Help You And Your Baby

Posted by: admin @ 2:45 pm

Bringing home a new baby is a big adjustment. Your whole day and night revolves around the baby. She might sleep during the day and be up all night. Your life may become hectic so take advantage and sleep when you can and grab a bite whenever you can. Here’s something you probably never knew, babies love being on a schedule. They thrive on that because they feel comfortable when everything seems familiar. It’s great for parents as well, it gives you a break because you don’t have to be available all the time. A schedule also makes a parent feel in control, but they are very hard to enforce in the beginning. Here are a few tips to make the transition a bit easier.

1. Although you think when your newborn is asleep you should be quiet you’re wrong. Try showing the baby that there is a difference between day and night. During the day try to talk a bit louder and go for walks. At night try to keep your voices and activity to a minimum. She’ll slowly learn there is a difference between day and night. Start off by picking a time that you think is appropriate and start getting her ready for bed. Give her a bath, sing to her, or read her a book. It makes no difference what you do just make sure you do it every night at the same time.Routines That Help You And Your Baby

2. One of the biggest fears of new moms is bathing their slippery crying newborn babies. Usually your doctor will allow you to start tub bathes as soon as the umbilical cord comes off. Before getting your baby ready for the bath prepare everything that you will need. The tub, washcloth, towel, baby soap, plastic cup for rinsing her hair, lotion, diaper cream and a diaper. Prepare the water, and feel it to make sure it is the right temperature. Throw the washcloth in and squirt some soap in as well. When that’s complete, undress your baby and put her directly into the tub. After the bath is done, wrap her in a towel and cuddle her. Bathing a newborn is one of the things that takes you and your baby time to get used to but when you both feel comfortable you’ll have fun and really enjoy it.

3. When your baby reaches about three months, it may be possible to start a nap routine. Even though it’s probably really easy for your baby to fall asleep in the swing, the car seat, or in your arms, keep her awake until it’s time for her nap. Around the time of her nap when she’s already a bit sleepy pick her up and place her in her crib. Her nap routine should be a mini version of bedtime. Try to darken the room as much as possible, and at around three months of age, babies realize this means nap time. She may cry but don’t worry she also realizes that it is nap time.

4. One of the most important routines you can establish for your baby is mealtime. When she begins to eat solids, have her sit down with you and your family when you eat. When she starts eating regular foods give her what your family is eating, just cut it into small pieces. When you sit down all together your baby develops healthy eating habits as well as social skills.

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