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  Setting Some Pregnancy Myths Straight

Posted by: shana @ 9:03 pm

Setting Some Pregnancy Myths Straight

Maternity always comes with one, two old wives’ tales or ten. However, such advice seldom is supported by scientific evidence. When a woman starts to show, it won’t be long before people start getting too personal with the questions. It could be about her alcohol consumption, going natural or having an epidural, or suggesting cures for morning sickness. Such queries often come with unwanted suggestions founded on anecdotes or folk wisdom.

Curious Info About Pregnancy

Folklore and myths abound when it comes to delivery, pregnancy and labor. Most of them persist because it’s hard to conduct correctly controlled scientific research on breastfeeding and pregnant women and the newborns. Researchers are hesitant in testing drugs on pregnant women, wary of repeating the thalidomide incident.

Reviews or studies in recent year examined common pregnancy recommendations. What they discovered contradicts most of the folk wisdom circulating. Take a look below at the results of scientific exploration regarding pregnancy, delivery and labor. Being aware of what science is saying will enable women to make smarter decisions, rather than simply buying into the online rumors, gossip and misplaced advice.

Morning Sickness

Nausea tied to pregnancy is unpleasant and exhausting. It can result in huge productivity losses. Sadly, research over effective solutions or treatments is insufficient. Dublin City University (Ireland) lecturer and midwife Anne Matthews and a research team studied scientific literature to find out what morning sickness treatments were tested in controlled and random trials.

Among the treatments were acupressure, vitamin B6, anti-nausea meds (thiethylperazine, doxylamine with B6, and hydroxyzine), acupuncture, and ginger. The review that Cochrane Library published discovered that none of these had adequate scientific proof to back them up. In the end, Matthews said she knew no effective remedy for this particular pregnancy woe.

Sex While Pregnant Is Safe

Obstetricians get asked about this a lot. At what point during the pregnancy is it okay to engage in sex? Mt. Sinai Hospital (Toronto) gynecology and obstetrics resident Dr. Claire Jones co-wrote a review in the Canadian Medical Association Journal wherein she said that for healthy pregnant women, having sex and enjoying it is acceptable.

Jones however, was quick to caution that it’s not okay for all pregnant women. Those with placenta previa, where the placenta covers the cervix opening, must abstain to prevent the cervix from being penetrated and bleeding. Women in danger of preterm labor are likewise usually discouraged from having intercourse.

There are couples who believe sex near the pregnancy’s end could induce labor, which is not far-fetched. According to one theory, oxytocin, a hormone released during orgasm is also the one physicians use to trigger labor. Semen also contains prostaglandins that doctors use to induce labor and “ripen” or ready the cervix.

Light Alcohol Drinking Is Fine

Binge or heavy alcohol consumption while pregnant can result in fetal alcohol spectrum ailments or disorders – including low birth weight, mental retardation, facial deformities, delayed development, plus heart and other types of birth defects. But what about consuming smaller amounts of alcohol during pregnancy?

University of Essex (England) epidemiologist Yvonne Kelly investigated this together with colleagues. She said they found that kids born to light drinkers didn’t seem to be at greater risk for hardships than women who stopped drinking while pregnant. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health published their findings. Kelly discouraged getting drunk while pregnant as it isn’t good for the child and the woman.

Previous Caesarians And Labor

Obstetricians in the past thought women with scars across the uterus obtained from earlier caesarian deliveries were at higher risk of a ruptured uterus and could experience complications that are life-threatening to both baby and mother. However, the National Institutes of Health gathered proof from various major vaginal birth after caesarian (VBAC) studies in 2010 to shed light on the issue. They discovered that there was actually only minimal danger involved, even for those who underwent past caesarian births twice.

Around 70 percent of women on average successfully attempt VBAC. However, these figures could vary depending on certain factors like the baby’s position during labor, the mom’s failed labors history and the predicted weight of the baby.

These are just some of the many aspects of pregnancy that require clarification. Many women continue to be misinformed about such matters. With this piece, expectant mothers will know better and not blindly believe whatever they hear or see on the Internet and from people.

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