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  Shopping Smart for Maternity Clothing

Posted by: admin @ 7:57 pm

One of the biggest changes a woman will encounter during the pregnancy experience is the transformation her body will go through. Dressing correctly and knowing what to look for when shopping will ease the transition to maternity clothes.

The main issue women have (especially when shopping online) is choosing the right size. It’s hard to predict how one will carry, when they will “pop”, and how big they will get. Luckily, most designers work on creating pieces that will fit the same way as regular clothes at the shoulders and provide more room at the stomach, allowing women to wear one to two sizes throughout their pregnancy. Usually, the maternity clothes are are the same size as regular clothes. Meaning, a woman who is a size small before pregnancy will probably end up with a maternity small, at least until towards the end of her third trimester. Most websites that sell maternity clothes have a size chart by each item, so it’s easy to ensure an accurate fit.

For a more slimming effect, black clothing is the way to go. The black color blends the extra curves of the body and gives off a narrow look. By wearing uniform color for top and bottom, one can also give a thinner appearance. Vertical stripes, zippers and seams will all provide a slimmer look, too. Bear in mind that maternity clothes that have a perfect fit in the beginning will probably not fit in the later months. It may be smarter to purchase looser clothes in the beginning so the clothes can fit the whole pregnancy, saving money and time.

It’s wise to dress appropriately according to the current season. This piece of information may seem obvious, but being too hot or too cold is an unnecessary and added discomfort during pregnancy. During the fall and spring seasons, a light-weight sweater with a shell or camisole is ideal. If it’s cold, two layers should keep warm. If it’s too hot, remove the shell! This will save on the extra expense of buying new clothes at the start of a season, as well as ensuring maximum comfort.

Fabrics like cashmere, cotton and silk feel good on the skin, and look great, too! Jersey, viscose, lycra and cardigans are very comfortable, and provide a super-thin look. Choosing the right clothes/fabric plays an important role in comfort and looks, making the road to a great pregnancy a most enjoyable one!

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3 Responses to “Shopping Smart for Maternity Clothing”

  1. ncbcb123 says:

    My best maternity sweaters were Lilo. I really got great use out of them and they were super comfortable! I enjoyed their skirts alot too. I highly recommend them.

  2. surat says:

    Nice blog,i liked it

  3. mumbai says:

    Nice blog,i liked it

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