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  The Diet for Pregnant Women

Posted by: shana @ 9:00 am

The Pregnancy Diet

Are you confused about eating plans while pregnant? Now that your diet affects not only you but your baby, you need to be more vigilant about ingesting the proper amounts of each nutrient, vitamin and mineral. This will ensure your baby’s health as well as your own. Pregnancy eating plans have been designed to make this difficult task as easy as possible for you. During this time of nausea, mood swings and odd cravings, it’s helpful to have a diet to follow. You have enough to worry about; let us make your food choices easier.

A pregnancy diet is not so different from any healthful diet, pregnant or not. The same basic guidelines are followed, and these guidelines are ones that you’re surely already aware of. Providing your baby with the correct nutrients, eating the right amounts of the right foods, and avoiding well-known “junk” with empty calories and no nutritional value can help you in your pregnancy. Thankfully, the “right” foods have been organized into twelve categories.

Of course, there will be days when you don’t feel well, and on those days you should listen to your body. If you feel as though you can only eat one thing without becoming nauseated, eat it. It’s better to listen to your body than to try and eat something you really don’t want. Ideal days, when you feel well enough to eat anything, should be planned based on these twelve categories, eating a bit from each category. There is some overlapping within the categories, so you won’t be endlessly measuring and keeping track of your eating.

To perfectly follow a pregnancy eating plan is pretty close to impossible. What woman, faced with morning sickness on top of an already busy schedule, could follow it? Don’t feel bad when you slip up; everyone does. It can happen to anyone especially pregnant women.

You may not be aware of it but giving in to the odd craving here and there is actually healthiest for you and your baby. Cravings can be your body’s way of telling you which nutrients you are deficient in, or what nutrients your baby needs on that particular day for proper development. Listen to these cravings, within reason.

These plans are intended as guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules. Don’t think of it as a diet. Think of it as a nutritional guide, intended for optimal health. If you make a conscious effort to follow the plan, you’ll surely have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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