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  Time To Shovel!!

Posted by: admin @ 10:46 am

When snow first falls, it’s calm, peaceful and a beautiful scene to watch. Shortly after that it turns into a mess and can be quite annoying. After you had a good time in the snow it can then be annoying and cause you many problems. You may have to shovel a path, dig your car out of the driveway, etc. Here are some suggestions to help you shovel your snow.
time to shovel
The first thing you have to do is get a good shovel. A good shovel is one that has a long handle so that you don’t have to bend too much and it should be pretty wide on bottom so you can make the most of every scoop of snow.

Before you go out into the cold to shovel, make sure that you are dressed very warm, wearing a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, boots, etc.

You are now ready to begin shoveling. If you are pushing the snow to the side, hold your shovel at a slight angle and begin pushing it back and forth. Try to make sure that your shovel doesn’t go above your waist height. If you need to dig it out try doing it with a steady easy motion.

A good idea would be to set a plan of what you are aiming to achieve. then figure out the best snow removal plan.  Another thing to try to avoid is piling up the snow where you’ll have to just remove it again. Make sure to throw the snow somewhere that it will not affect you. Shoveling snow is very hard physical work so take frequent breaks and keep your fluids up. A good idea is to lift with your arms and switch hands every once in a while. For example, if your right hand is on the handle, then after about 3 min switch so your left hand is on the handle. This will help you keep going for a little while longer.

Once all the snow is cleared away, salt and sand the remaining ice as needed. Be careful with salt,as it can ruin you grass,  landscaping, and your watershed. Salt should only be used if the temperature is warm enough.

Good luck and have fun in the snow!!

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One Response to “Time To Shovel!!”

  1. Kandis Kozee says:

    Good tips in here, very helpful. Thanks!

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