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  Top 5 Ways To Calm Your Baby

Posted by: admin @ 12:25 pm

A mother must always remember that a baby’s only way of communicating is when they cry. When babies cry it’s healthy and perfectly normal but it makes you tense and want to cry along. Luckily there are many ways to sooth your baby and you don’t need anything more than their five senses. Here are some ideas that may be helpful.

1. SOUND. Most moms think that keeping their baby’s environment really quiet will keep their baby silent, but the truth is total silence is unsettling. For the nine months while she was in your womb, she heard your voice and your digestive system. When babies hear these sounds they feel safe and secure like they did then. So try making those sounds she heard in your womb, like turning on a fan, a vacuum, or a dryer. You have to make the noise as loud as her cries so you can get her attention. As your baby calms down you can lower the sound to music or hold her close and let her hear the sound of your heartbeat.5 best ways to calm your baby

2. SIGHT. Just like distracting you helps you forget about your worries it works for your baby as well. Try changing her environment or make funny faces. Sometimes your baby is just bored and needs stimulation. Pick her up so she can look all around or simply take her out for a stroll.

3. Touch. The reason why babies love when you swaddle them is because they feel safe and secure just like they felt during the nine months in your belly. Unless your baby is in pain or is hungry, motion can usually calm her down. Try cuddling her and holding her close to your chest.

4. Taste. The sucking reflux is in their brain from when they’re born and it is one of the most effective ways of releasing their tension. So when she’s hungry, try nursing her or giving her a bottle, and when she’s not hungry then give her a pacifier.

5. Smell. From when babies are little they are able to recognize the scent of their mother. Your scent together with your body can be all she needs to calm down. Some babies need more body contact and if that’s the case, hold her as much as you can.

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Ways To Calm Your Baby”

  1. Anne says:

    This tip is very helpful for first time moms like me.
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