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  Vaccines during pregnancy

Posted by: admin @ 9:35 pm

There are a couple of vaccines that are important to get during pregnancy, and few to avoid. Refer to the list below for a quick guide on vaccines. Please be sure to check with your health care practitioner before making any decisions.

Yes, to…

1. Hepatitis B – many times, there are no obvious symptoms for Hepatitis B, which can pose as a danger to mom and fetus. If a woman has Hepatitis B at childbirth, it can easily pass on to the infant. Most obstetricians perform a blood test to check whether mom has Hepatitis B or not. If yes, they will vaccinate the baby shortly after birth to prevent him/her from contracting the disease. Be safe and get vaccinated to prevent any complications.

2. Flu shot – if you are pregnant during the flu season, you may want to get vaccinated. Pregnant women who have the flu are at higher risk for complications that may require hospitalization.

3. Td – it’s important to be updated on the tetanus-diphtheria booster, specifically during the first trimester. If you are due for the Td shot, you can get it during your first trimester.

No, to…

1. MMR and Varicella – stay clear of the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, and the Varicella vaccine, as they contains a live (weakened) virus. Women should not become pregnant for 4 weeks after receiving the vaccines.

2. Live Flu Vaccine – while it’s important to get the flu shot, stay away from the live version of the shot.

Again, be sure to check with your obstetrician or midwife before receiving/avoiding any vaccines.

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2 Responses to “Vaccines during pregnancy”

  1. Nechama says:

    thank you for all this useful information!!

  2. [...] for seasonal flu, too. You should encourage your partner and anyone else you may be around to get vaccinated. Besides the unpleasantness of the flu, it can be dangerous for pregnant women. It will also take [...]

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