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  When’s The Best Time To Toilet Train?

Posted by: admin @ 9:36 am

The approach that some people take, which is not favored by many experts, is the all at once – just stopping cold turkey approach. The experts suggest however, waiting for cues from your child, knowing that he’s ready to start and then take it slow. Training gradually is for sure less exhausting. It shields both parents and children from unnecessary frustration that can minimize success. There are those that say the best time to train children is between the ages of 2 1/2 and 3 because they have better language and cognitive skills. There are other professionals that believe that most children, if introduced to potty training on a regular basis at an early age, can stay accident free between 18 and 24 months.

Many parents have decided that training their child before he’s ready is dangerous, but there is no evidence to prove that. Here are some ideas to make it a little easier.

    1. when's the best time to toilet train your child?
  • Say goodbye to diapers. when training your child, there should be no more diapers except for during naps. It’s either underwear or nothing.
  • Scatter potties around the house. Try to have potties all around so your child will never be too far from one.
  • Do not leave the premises for three days. Worrying about accidents or if there will be a toilet available is way too stressful, it’s not worth it.
  • Keep giving them water. Try buying fun new water bottles and try getting them to drink a lot because there are many that believe repetition is everything. It may be exhausting to keep taking them to the bathroom but it will probably help get your point across.
  • Set a timer. Put the child on the potty every ten minutes for the first two days and then slowly increase the time between bathroom visits to an hour. Taking him every ten minutes will be quite exhausting but it won’t be for too long.
  • Reward. Try to give him a good prize. Something that will not quickly lose it’s power.


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