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  Why I Can’t Exercise!

Posted by: admin @ 2:33 pm

When it comes to exercising, everybody has plenty of excuses why they can’t work out. “I have little ones at home”, “I’m just too tired” etc. Here’s one amazing reason why you should get out and exercise: It’s good for you and your baby. Everybody knows that at every stage in life it’s important to exercise but for new moms it’s vital.

After having a baby, many women are moody, exhausted and have quite a few extra pounds on them. Here’s a solution, exercise!! Exercise can cure all these issues plus more. The sooner you start moving the better off you’ll be. There are plenty of excuses why you can’t exercise, so here are some solutions.
why i can't exercise?
1. The most common is “I want to but I’m just too tired”. It’s not a good excuse anymore because when it comes to fighting to keep your eyes open, exercise is the best way to go about it. Studies have shown that exercise helps boost energy. As soon as you start exercising you will see yourself being less and less tired. Here’s good news! All you need is a minimum of ten minutes for you to feel more awake. More often than not you’ll want to continue on for more than ten minutes. If it’s too hard to do at once break it up into smaller chunks.

2. “I’m too fat, I have to lose a few pounds and then I’ll be able to exercise”. Exercise by itself is a way to lose weight a lot faster. The best and most effective way to lose all the baby weight is to exercise and follow a healthy diet. If you’re self conscious about your size and you feel uncomfortable working out in the gym do things out of the gym. You can walk, jog, or even ride a bicycle.

3. “I want to exercise I just can’t get a babysitter”. Whoever said you have to do exercise by yourself? A study has shown that walking while pushing a stroller that has at least 35 pounds in it burns 18 to 20 percent more calories than if you would be walking alone. It could be fun and a chance to bond with your little one. You can teach her the colors, show her the beautiful flowers and trees, etc. If the weather doesn’t allow you to walk outside, watch an exercise DVD, It could be a fun change once in a while.

4. “I would love to exercise I just feel guilty leaving my baby after I have been at work all day”. Try to fit in exercise whenever you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, eat a quick lunch and run out for a brisk walk or after supper take a family walk.

Once you get out and start exercising you and your family will be a lot happier. So what are you waiting for, let’s go!!

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