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  Weight Gain During Pregnancy

All women gain weight during their pregnancy. The important thing is to make sure that the amount of weight gained is in line with your pre-pregnancy body weight. At Lilo Maternity , we are quite aware of how hard it can be to look great in spite of your weight gain. We offer maternity wear specifically designed to maximize comfort while also enabling you to look your best. Once you shop with us, you will never again have to worry about what to wear during pregnancy.

A typical woman of average height and weight (also referred to as BMI or body mass index) who is expecting a single child will gain anywhere from 25-35 pounds. If you are underweight to begin with, the recommended weight gain can be increased and conversely if you are overweight to begin with, the recommended weight gain is decreased. Gaining too much or too little weight is unhealthy for both you and your baby.

The optimal amount of weight gain can generally be achieved by adding 300 calories a day to your diet. See our "Eating during pregnancy" page for a guide to the foods most appropriate for your pregnancy. With most women, there is a weight gain of 2-6 pounds in the first trimester and 1 pound per week for the following trimesters. However, some women will experience varying periods of weight gain that do not conform to this timetable. This is not a cause for concern as long as the overall weight gain is in line with your body mass index.

You should not diet for the purpose of losing weight during your pregnancy due to the health risks for both you and your baby associated with insufficient nutrient intake.

The weight gained during pregnancy will hamper your movements and may cause you to suffer some aching especially in the (lower) back area. The good news is that unlike weight that is gained from eating, much of pregnancy weight is directly related to the baby. Your baby itself can account for up to 8 or 9 pounds of extra weight. When you are pregnant, your body stores 5-9 pounds worth of additional fats and nutrients for the health and nourishment of the baby. When you give birth, these are no longer so important and can be lost without compromising your health. The placenta, amniotic fluid and increased blood supply will equal approximately 10-12 pounds and the birth of your baby will certainly decrease this weight. Weight gained in the breasts and uterus account for an additional 4-8 pounds. Many women lose up to half their pregnancy weight within the first two months after the baby is born. However, the amount of time it takes for a woman to lose her pregnancy weight can vary so do not be alarmed if it takes you a while. The weight was added on over the course of nine months and it can take that long or longer to lose it. Lilo Maternity believes that despite the weight gain incurred by the added calories (and the baby), it is still possible to look and feel wonderful. Choose from maternity sweaters , tops, skirts and more in imported cottons, silks, and cashmeres. Once you shop with us, you will you will love the way you look and feel. Please visit our home page for complete product listings and specifications.

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